Swedish-American musician and composer Asy Saavedra sets a fairly high bar with her debut single ‘Masterpiece’. Writing a song about insecurities she puts a difficult topic into a beautiful candy-like musical layer that makes the whole composition unbelievably easy to digest. The video, which was directed by Louise de Nexon features several looks from the fashion designer Sho Konishi. Asy says,

I am a huge fan and have been obsessed with Sho’s work for a while. We ended up using several pieces in the music video including the android look, which has been worn by Beyonce, Dove Cameron, etc. There was an amazing piece that Sho had designed for Paris Hilton but she never ended up wearing it, so I got to wear it in the video. Sho’s designs brought the music video to another level and it was amazing to be able to premiere some of their outfits.
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